If your husband raves about the fabulous Samosas his mother makes... and your children always drool over the superb sabji masala at your neighbour's place, it's time you showed them what you can do! It's quite simple, really. Provided you have RMPL and the tips and pointers on how to use its blends to make a variety of dishes you never thought possible... all in your very own home.
So, what will it be? Samosas or Batata Wadas... Dum Aloo or Dosas... Papdi Chaat or Methi Parathas... You can prepare anything - with ease, with confidence, knowing it will turn out just right. So go ahead, discover the joy of trying out a new recipe every day, every week, week after week, and having it turn out perfect, every single time!

Join the party and show everybody what's cooking!

Spicy Chicken
Veg Kofta
Chole Masala
Mutton Masala