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About RMPL

Over 02 Years of establishment, RMPL Spices is going to be history in the world of spices with an excellent track record of customer satisfaction. We use world class raw material for our products. Our Company is an ISO 22000:2018 Certified Company, approved with FSSAI (Food Safety & Standards Authority of India). Our huge knowledge in the spices industry has empowered us to become one of the most prominent manufacturers and supplier of spices. With our long-term expertise in this sector, we are serving best products without compromising on quality or purity.

RMPL Spices offer ground, whole, blend and seasoning spices. Our spices are grinded using a skillful low temperature grinding technique to retain the flavour and aroma of spices in their original state. We have pure spices with no artificial colour, additives or impurity. RMPL Spices are rich in aroma, taste and flavour with highest quality standards.


A pioneering vision and a determined commitment to quality have made RMPL Spices a legitimate producer of premium spices. Our mission is to meet the values and demands of customers through a sustainable process, keeping an eye out for the needs of the future. We believe in supplying best quality at affordable prices.

We have a team of experienced professionals who hold a rich experience and educational qualifications. Further, our professionals have committed themselves to accomplish the exact requirements of our clients in the most efficient manner. We at RMPL Spices pay extra attention to the production, from selecting the premium quality raw spices, cleaning them, to grinding and packaging of the spices. Today, RMPL Spices has emerged as an authentic quality driven manufacturer of a complete range of spice products

Brand Vision

RMPL Ensure that the taste, best represents the origins. We will ensure that Supreme products are manufactured, packaged and delivered to our esteemed customers while maintaining the highest order of quality and hygiene. We continue to work towards identifying and eliminating adulteration incidents.

Our Brand Standard

RMPL will ensure that products are manufactured, packaged and delivered to our customers while maintaining the highest order of highest quality and hygiene. We are committed to continuing work towards identifying and eliminating adulteration incidents. We will strive to deliver nutritionally sound products and to provide complete and accurate nutritional information on our packaging. We will avoid the use of all artificial coloring agents in our products.

That's in a nutshell is the essence of "RMPL Masala...Khet Se Kadahi Tak Shuddhta ka Wada”

Quality Policy

To us Safety and Quality are paramount. We follow backward integration approach to deliver safe products. This enables us to maintain full transparency and complete control over the entire process, starting from procurement of raw materials to final packing of the product. We keep up with the ever evolving nature of food safety standards. With experience in the food sector we understand the importance of delivering consistent quality in our products. Our indigenously developed method of quality control allows us a distinct and superior status in the region.

CMD Message

Karunendra Tiwari

(Chairman & Managing Director)

Firstly, let me thank you for visiting our website. Our company Punch line is "Khet se kadahi tak, shudhta ka wada" and each person in our organization ensure to deliver their best and in turn makes each of our customer believe in our punch line. I believe that there is no short cut to achieve business goals with values like moral, ethics, honesty etc. I strongly believe in hard working, delivering promised work to customer and giving preference to customer satisfaction in achieving business success.
Once again thank you for visiting website and taking your time to read my thought. Looking forward for longer & stronger business relation.